We have a tiered pricing structure at Legends, the various prices reflects the level of experience of each stylist.

Cut and finish from £29.00 - £40.00

Restyle from £34.00 - £45.00

Wet cut from £23.00 - £31.00

Blowdry short from £14.50

Blowdry long from £19.50

Blowdry curly from £24.00

Long hair set £30.00

Put ups from £20.00 - £36.00


We insist on carrying out a skin test at least 48 hours before you first colour service. This will only take a couple of minutes.

Roots only £38.00

Full head permanent colour short hair from £43.00

Full head permanent colour long hair from £53.00

Full head foils long hair from £74.00

Full head foils short hair from £64.00

Half a head from £49.00

Top foils from £39.00

Semi-Permanent short hair from £33.50

Semi-permanent long hair from £38.50

Single foil from £4.00 each

Toners from £13.00

Pre-pigment for colour corrections from £20.00

Bleach bath from £25.00


Hair Extensions prices vary, please contact us to book a free consultation.

Perms £53.50

Foam treatment applied at the basin £6.50

Mask treatment applied at the basin £10.00

Express alchemy 2 in 1 treatment applied at the basin £10.00

Full Alchemy treatment applied at a styling station. This is a 45 min treatment including a head massage. £17.50

Full head Micro loop Remy hair extensions from £165.00

Micro loop maintance from £61.00

Sienna X Spray Tan £20.00



O.A.P Prices (Wednesdays only)

Cut and Finish £25.50

Restyle £29.50

Wet cut £19.00

Perm £28.50

Root Tint £28.50.

Full Head Tint £34.50

Top Foils £28.50

Full Head Foils £49.00

Blowdry £14.50